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It's not even September, but there has been a fair amount of preliminary talk about game of the year. Everyone has their own opinion. Chris keeps championing Overwatch, I won't shut up about The Witness, Zack really loves Devil Daggers, etc. But, one game that keeps coming up on most everyone's list is Inside.

This isn't a coincidence, of course. Inside is a fantastic title and a legitimate game of the year contender. Today, more people have a chance to have that personal revelation, as Inside makes its way to PlayStation 4 for $19.99.

For those who don't know what Inside is, that's mostly ideal. It's best to go in without knowing much. But, the high-level pitch is that it's another moody, atmospheric puzzle-platformer from Playdead, the team that made Limbo.

And, for those who have played and now know exactly what Inside is, why not take a look at my guide that points out exactly how to find all the collectibles? It even includes the secret ending (don't click unless you're ready to see it!), which has been the linchpin to my blossoming YouTube stardom. When does my diamond play button show up?

Inside [PlayStation Store] 

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