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Street Fighter V

Capcom doesn't want people to remember Street Fighter V for its root access or poorly constructed story mode. No, it wants you to remember that all of the cool costumes are microtransactions and that it gave you free bonus characters! You just had to grind away at a soul-destroying survival mode, but the developers are the nice guys!

That tangent aside, the Halloween update for Street Fighter V lands on October 11 and brings seven premium costumes and one new stage. Each costume is priced at $3.99 / €3.99 / £3.29 with the stage running €1.99 / £1.29 (or for 40,000 fight money). Since the Capcom Unity blog neglected to actually name the characters getting costumes, I'll do so: Ryu, Cammy, Vega, Alex, Juri, Charlie, and Necali.

I'm not sure why only seven characters are getting costumes, but I suppose I'll just have to accept it. I'm not one to actually pluck money down on "premium" costumes, but I know some people enjoy them. I miss the days where you could actually unlock this stuff, but thankfully the characters weren't tied behind DLC.

Also, the DLC is only available until November 29. Way to hold content hostage, Capcom.

October Brings Spook-Tacular Street Fighter V Update [Capcom Unity]

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