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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Folks are not happy with the re-releases of the two Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games -- just check out the overwhelmingly negative Steam pages. Complaints range from basic stuff like not being able to remap keys, to controller issues, to general graphical problems and crashes.

The most egregious sin of all though? The DLC. It's common for re-releases to include all of the DLC to date, so that you can truly feel like you're getting the complete experience. But the original Ultimate Alliance is missing a ton of add-ons, even on the Microsoft platform, which housed exclusives on the 360. It makes zero sense, like they ported one version haphazardly and just went with it without actually knowing anything about the original -- we didn't even get a review copy at launch.

Marvel Creative Director Bill Rosemann has caught wind of these issues however, and asks fans to "stay tuned" for future announcements. Hopefully they get on a fix sooner than later, because Activision's handling of the entire Marvel establishment lately has been pretty bad.

Bill Rosemann [Twitter]

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