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Fallout 4

We've written before about the YouTube show Man at Arms, which shows modern day blacksmiths creating real world versions of weapons from popular culture. The show reminds me quite a bit of Mythbusters since they always test whatever they make at the end of an episode.

This time, the crew decided to up the challenge a little bit, and limited themselves to using found objects and pre-industrial tools and techniques in their builds. Each of the shop's smiths made their own version of a melee weapon from Fallout 4: A Bladed Aluminum Baseball Bat, an Oak Bat with nails in it, the Kremvh's Tooth blade, and a Revolutionary Sword.

I enjoyed watching the smiths turn stuff like old pallets and railroad clamps into ghoul cleavers. What's more, the challenge added by not using any electric tools made the creation of these weapons more authentic, since the wastelands of Fallout don't usually have reliable electricity. The weapons are a little less elaborate than some of the stuff they've made before, but this episode is still well worth your time.

Man at Arms [YouTube]

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