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Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine takes place on Gamearth, a planet where all video game characters live, similar to Wreck-It Ralph or Toontown in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? A ten-year-old boy named Rise becomes an unlikely hero when he witnesses a beefy Gears of War-esque character and a pointy-eared, tunic-wearing elf kill one another. With the elf's dying breath, he gives Rise a magical talking gun named Shine so the boy can prevent evildoers from destroying Gamearth.

If you don't like video games that constantly have nods to other games, you're probably going to be annoyed with Rise & Shine, as most of the humor is referential. Personally, I can find this stuff hit or miss, but I think it works in this case. It wears it on its sleeve, rather than trying to sneak it in. The title screen alone has many references to popular games and a not-so-hidden PlayStation as part of a building. 

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