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GameCentral had the chance to catch up to Bungie's world design lead Steve Cotton to chat about Destiny, and among other Rise of Iron related material, they discussed the prospect of raid matchmaking -- something fans have been clamoring for since the first raid, Vault of Glass, debuted back in 2014.

Cotton states that they are "absolutely thinking about [it]," and are starting to fulfill requests with modes like private matches for PVP. But when pressed, he does say that they've been "thinking about [raid matchmaking] a lot," hinting that it could come eventually. Of course, that means we could never see the feature at all, or we'll have to wait until Destiny 2 for it.

Here's the thing though -- why didn't Bungie do this ages ago? I mean, after the team moved onto Crota (the second raid), all they had to do was allow matchmaking for at least the normal, if not hard options for Vault of Glass. Done! That way they can maintain their "you must be this hardcore to ride this ride" mentality for progression content, but allow players with tighter schedules to at least see the raids.

Destiny has made many strides since its shaky debut, but Bungie still has a ways to go until they understand the many concepts they've borrowed from MMOs.

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