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Streets of Rogue

The description of Streets of Rogue reads like a video game buzzword checklist. Despite this, the RPG stealth co-op roguelike released into open alpha today actually looks like a game that might be able to do all of those genres justice.

Unlike a lot of kill-or-be-killed roguelikes out there, Streets of Rogue aims to embrace different play styles and characters and give players the freedom to complete missions however they see fit. You're never required to kill others, but you're perfectly able to do so if that's your kind of thing. Hacking, murdering, sneaking, and charming are all viable ways to complete missions and progress in the game.

The video above shows those different methods in action. But if you're more of a hands-on learner, or are only here because the headline mentioned a free game, Streets of Rogue is currently in open alpha and can be downloaded for free here

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