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Super Smash Bros.

Pokemon is such a massive property now, there are a ton of hoops to jump through. For one you have Nintendo and Game Freak, who both are part owners in The Pokemon Company entity. Then there's the localization problems given the worldwide renown the series has, which Masahiro Sakurai had to also deal with during the creation of the new Super Smash Bros.

Sakurai, with Game Freak composer and director Junichi Masuda, muses on how difficult it was to manage voicework. He reminds us that because Smash utilizes the voices from the anime, they had to gather up a host of different actors rather than just resort to sound effects. Actors, mind, that are all different for each region save for one -- Pikachu -- who is played by Ikue Ōtani everywhere in the world.

You can find the transcript below, but it's an fascinating case of how budgets can balloon up when so many properties are at stake.

Pokémon and Smash [Masuda x Sakurai] [Source Gaming]

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