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The Occupation

White Paper Games is smartly following its 2014 adventure Ether One with another first-person narrative game, The Occupation. Set in England during the late 1980s, this "immersive-sim"-inspired title has you playing as a whistleblowing journalist whose actions will help shape the future of a controversial Act formed in the wake of a terrorist attack and also the country at large.

Those are some intriguing, still-relevant concepts to hinge a video game narrative on, but here's the line that has me especially on board: "Events happen in real-time and you must make decisions based on the evidence surrounding you." Knowing that, and having seen the trailer, I'm feeling hopeful.

"We'd love to bring our game to as many platforms as possible and we will of course be updating information as soon as we know more," says White Paper. "We also don't currently have a release date except to say that we learnt a lot from the development of our previous game, Ether One. Since day one of The Occupation's development, we didn't want to announce anything until we had a clear vision of the game. This game is now in full swing of production we hope to announce a release date soon."

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