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Wasteland 3

In 2012, the folks at InXile Entertainment turned to Kickstarter to finance the development of the critically acclaimed Wasteland 2. The next year, it returned to the crowdfunding platform to fund 2017's Torment: Tides of Numenera. Next week, the company will once again be asking fans to open their pocketbooks, this time in a Fig campaign for Wasteland 3.

Breaking away from the desert and city locals of Wasteland 2, this new entry in the isometric post-apocalyptic strategy series will be set in the snowy hinterlands of Colorado. You play as the last remaining member of Team November, dispatched to the icy tundra to build your reputation amongst hostile factions and deadly lunatics. In one of the several changes fans can expect from the sequel, you no longer have to go about it alone. With online co-op, you can tackle the frosty backwoods of the Rocky Mountains with a friend.

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