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Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 is a game that exists for two reasons: To tell dick jokes, and to assault the screen with an endless flurry of violence and viscera. Its newest add-on looks to trim all the fat from that formula, boiling it down to just the essentials.

Today, developer Flying Wild Hog released The Way of the Wang, a free add-on to Shadow Warrior 2. It's an arena-based trials thing that's nothing but combat and commentary. There are seven missions, and the Fist of Gozu weapon is waiting for anyone who completes them all.

Accompanying the DLC is a sale on Shadow Warrior 2. It's 25 percent off through the weekend, down to $30 from it's regular $40 price point.

The video that Flying Wild Hog made to showcase The Way of the Wang tells you all you need to know. Those guys were really into the procedural gore when we visited their studio in October; it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that there's a boatload of it in this add-on.

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