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Team Fortress 2

There are some games out there that are true classics. Titles you can dust off and have as much fun playing today as you did when they came out decades ago. One doesn’t need to look any further than last week’s release of the SNES Classic and the outpouring of both nostalgic joy from longtime fans and fresh discovery from new ones for examples.

But when I think about classics, I notice two things. One, most of the games I hold up as truly timeless come from the 16-bit era and earlier. The further you get from the release of the PS1 to today, the smaller the library of gems gets. Two, my personal mental list of classic games are almost entirely single-player experiences. Apart from Street Fighter 2 and a maybe a tiny number of long-running MMOs, there are precious few multiplayer titles with a shelf life of more than a year or two. Team Fortress 2 is the rare game that breaks that pattern.

As of today, Team Fortress 2 is a ten-year-old online FPS that is somehow, unbelievably, still as fun to play now as it was in 2007.

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