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Splatoon 2

Speaking in an interview with Kotaku's Cecilia D'Anastasio, Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami revealed that the diet of Splatoon 2's populace, the Inklings, could actually consist of, among other things, squid.

Asked what foods exist within the Switch shooter's universe, Nogami began: "One thing we know about the world of Splatoon is that mammals are basically gone. So they don’t eat beef or pork or the meat of mammals... (They eat) veggies, birds, fish, some bread."

This led to D'Anastasio to wonder Inkling's fish diet would include squid, essentially a core part of their own form. "Inklings in this world are an evolved form of the squids in our world," Nogami replied. "Things like the food chain still exist... it’s definitely possible that an Inkling could potentially eat squids."

Yowsers! that's a bit grisly! It does remind me of something that always tickles me, however, when you see a high-street takeaway - like a fried chicken shop - where the mascot is, itself, a chicken in a chef's hat, looking super stoked at witnessing their own brethren served with chips. Like, look at this guy, that's literally the headless body of his own kind that he's carrying.

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