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Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

This weekend, at Bandai Namco's LEVEL UP event in Paris, the studio revealed a Switch port of their neon-soaked, bass-heavy, arcade-action title Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus.

Plus is a revamped edition of Pac-Man CE 2, itself is the sequel to one of last generation's best games. The Switch port brings all of CE2's screens, modes, music and features to Nintendo's hybrid-console, but also includes an exclusive Co-Op mode. Two players take a Joy Con each to guide their respective Pac-Men (Pac-Mans?) through the mazes, greedily gobbling dots, ghosts and boss characters with reckless abandon.

As the pellet-trail naturally guides Pac-Man through each maze, Co-Op mode requires some adaptation on the two players behalf. Should one player divert, or be chased, from his or her given path, that one wrong turn could cost valuable time and points as both players improvise to get the greedy bastards back on track.

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