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Pinball FX3

One of the cooler features in the upcoming Pinball FX3 is the inclusion of live multiplayer between opponents. Now you don't have to just believe an easily faked scoreboard online to prove you are better than someone. While I didn't expect cross-platform to be a part of the experience, Zen Studios has announced that FX3 will feature competition between platforms. How awesome!

Unexpectedly, PS4 players will be limited to matchmaking between other PS4 brethren and PC players. As for everyone else (Windows 10, PC, Xbox One), they'll have access to users from any version for multiplayer hi-jinks, excluding PS4. I suppose there really isn't anything we can do about that.

As for the list of playable tables, nearly every DLC table from the previous entry will transfer into 3. Only five aren't making the cut, which comes down to licensing issues. They are as follows:

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