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Summer Lesson

Who needs virtual reality when you can have life-sized dolls? Oh wait, that's a thing that exists...Anyways! If you have fallen in love with Summer Lesson's Hikari Miyamoto, you can get an ordinary figure of her for 9,500 yen (~$83 US) just like any ordinary game. But your love isn't ordinary, your love is pure. You want the "human size" statue that costs nearly $23,000.

Hikari stands at 5'3 (165cm), can be posed in multiple ways, and has realistic hair, clothing, skin texture. The statue will also come with both a letter and 10-15 minute CD featuring a recorded voice message from Hikari to you, where she calls you by your name. Also included is a code to download a bikini DLC outfit for Hikari in-game, which is also included when purchasing the $83 1/8 scale figure. The normal sized figure does not include the CD or letter.

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