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Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Opening up cross-platform play was such a huge and funny move by Microsoft. After years of turning it down and being the market leader during the 360 era, they've now put the decision in Sony's charge. If Sony somehow decides it wants to give an extra advantage to their competitor, that they're currently crushing in hardware sales, it can happen. Until then -- we all lose.

CD Projekt Red has a dog in this hut too. Speaking to IGN, they're actively "hoping" that Rocket League developer Psyonix paves the way for this feature so that when Gwent launches later this year, it can happen (it's already confirmed for PC and Xbox One). Psyonix has previously stated that they'll be able to connect PS4 and Xbox One/PC players "in less than a business day" -- they only need to say the word.

The pressure is on Sony and rightfully so. This would be a huge move forward for the console market, and I hope that this happens, somehow or someway.

Witcher Dev 'Would Love' PS4-Xbox One Cross-Network Play [IGN]

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