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Project 1v1

A few minutes before I played my first match of Gearbox Software's Project 1v1, I was informed that Randy Pitchford refers to the game as "gladiatorial." Pitchford's ability to describe his studio's games with over-complicated, hyperbolic mouthfuls is well-documented. But after a few rounds, I have to concede that gladiatorial is the simplest way to summarize what the Borderlands creator is cooking up.

If you're into more verbose descriptions, I've got you covered: Project 1v1 -- the game's current, working title -- is a free-to-play, one-on-one, competitive first-person shooter meets deck-building game. In its current Alpha form, it shows promise. But as a new entry in a crowded market, only time will tell if Project 1v1 finds an audience.

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