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Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is one of those games that has an incredibly on-the-nose title. It's a ragdoll puzzler, the kind of thing where your "human" will fall flat over and over again. Chances are that it's only through partial fault of your own. You could be better, but also the game makes everything intentionally difficult to accomplish. Like, running left to right has never been tough but QWOP does its damnedest to keep you from getting there.

Last year, Human: Fall Flat released on PC. Zack reviewed it and gave it an 8/10. Now, it's getting exposed to a wider audience. Sometime this spring, it's launching on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The console versions of Human: Fall Flat bring about an update in content. New puzzles and customization options were created for this occasion. Judging by this screenshot, some of it seems to be in an ancient ruins setting. Also, PC owners need not worry about missing out; the additional content will be rolled into the Steam version shortly after release.

With its open approach to puzzle solving mixed with its propensity for things to go horribly awry, Human: Fall Flat seems like a natural entertainer. After all, it's at its funniest when you're failing (or when you're succeeding in spite of yourself). Bringing that dynamic to more people seems like a good idea -- both from a business perspective and for those who just want more ragdoll violence.

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