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Heroes of the Storm

One of the largest patches yet for Heroes of the Storm just dropped in the PTR (public test realm), and it has a ton of new stuff in it. The major additions include a new hero (Alarak from Starcraft) a new map (Braxis Holdout), and several reworks, including a complete re-tooling of Butcher and Valla.

There are also a lot of little changes, like the fact that all classes and hero types count towards daily quests in unranked and ranked draft (preventing players from picking heroes they're not good with to get a few hundred gold), better sorting options, a straight mount speed decrease by 10% (which should be a nice buff for Lunara and Dehaka, though Rehgar's wolf mount got a slight nerf), and mercenary camp timer adjustments. If you're a regular player it's all worth checking out in detail.

Blizzard notes that the patch will run until September 12, hinting at a timeline for the live version. The "Machines of War Bundle," which grants access to everything during the themed event, will disappear on October 18, which further clues us in as to how long the scenario will run.

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