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Payday 2: The Big Score

About two years ago, I fell in with a bad crowd. A gang of thieves that would conspire together to rip innocent people off and goad each other into more and more brazen and dangerous crimes. It was a great time. At our peak, we were working on a new heist every night and amassing a fortune in ill-gotten loot.

But, all things pass. Eventually the thrill of the chase dulled, our escapades became routine instead of daring, and one-by-one our attentions waned and we drifted on to other things. I still think back fondly to those nights of Payday 2. With the release of Payday 2: The Big Score, a bundle of the Crimewave Edition along with all the previously released DLC packs up to the end of 2015 (you still need to buy DLC from this year separately) and some new updates, I wanted to see if I could recapture that old magic. Sadly, while this massive pack provides a brimming dufflebag worth of content, it fails to address the problems that have plagued the base game since launch. 

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