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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier: Above the Law

As a multi-media franchise, The Walking Dead is at its best when the overarching tale of survival against the undead and/or the murderous community de jour is working in conjunction with smaller, compelling stories of regular people in an irregular situation. That's why a lot of The Walking Dead –  again, as a whole –  doesn't really work: either the macro story is rote and overpowering or the micro story follows a group of unlikable pests.

(See also: the second season of Telltale's The Walking Dead)

So far, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier has done a great job of subverting the pitfalls you'd normally expect from this series. But even if this was another Carver situation, with another evil settlement lead by a guy who doesn't shut up about "what it takes to survive," A New Frontier would still manage to succeed on the strength of its characters. These people have a depth and consistency you don't often see from horror protagonists, let alone video game characters.

There's still plenty of time for everything to fall apart, but we're three episodes in. Maybe it's safe. Right now, A New Frontier might end up being the most consistently good thing Telltale has released since, well, The Walking Dead season one.

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