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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is renown for its attention to detail. Little quirks in characters are represented in their daily schedules from when they work to when they sleep, but it wasn't 100% realistic. As most romantic comedies like to joke about, a lot of single guys love to shine their rocket from time to time, so one modder thought it natural to extend this behavior into Stardew Valley.

Enter the "Horny Bachelors" mod, which adds specific times for each of the potential bachelor characters in Stardew to pet their trouser snakes. Apparently this is just an extension of a bunch of previous efforts the modder, named Girafarig, had created. He also has made some mods that allow players to sex up Alex and one that is titled "Nude Bathing."

If you'd like to read an interview with the creator of this hilarious and true-to-life mod, head on over to Waypoint where they've pressed him about his desire to have digital avatars relieve some tension. It makes for a stimulating read. Very thorough, long, exciting, and tantalizing. Masturbation!

The ‘Stardew Valley’ Modder Who Added Jerk Off Schedules For Every Guy [Waypoint]

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