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Endless Space 2

I'm not a strategy game guy, but that might change with Endless Space 2. If that's enough for you to check out and look for another preview by someone better-versed in 4X games, I'll still love you (but don't let the doorstructoid hit your ass on the way out). This'll be more from the "Oh my God what am I doing there's so much text and so many rules and entire colonies of alien races are dependent on my choices" perspective, so keep that in mind.

A couple weeks back I went to an event in San Francisco to see and play Amplitude Studios' newest foray into the stars, and I was nervous as heck. I wanted to seem impressive and knowledgeable, so I told the team that I was just starting to get into the "Turn-based RTS" genre and had played Civilization: Beyond Earth just the week prior, when I heard a snicker from behind me.

Site-and-personal friend Hayden Dingman of PC World later jokingly chided me, pointing out that the I didn't sound too smart, contradicting myself with turn-based and real-time strategy in the same sentence. So began my time with a game I was woefully unprepared for.

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