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Full Throttle Remastered

With a press of the PS4's touchpad, I quickly switched between Full Throttle's visuals from 1995 and what it looks like in the remaster. It's not a new trick -- both Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle had remasters with the same feature -- but it's a powerful one. It's a good and constant reminder of how far things have come.

But, Full Throttle was no slouch in its day. After the brief demo, I sat down with creator Tim Schafer to talk about the remaster. "It was also the most ambitious game we had done back then as far being really cinematic and moving a lot, a lot of pixels on the screen," he tells us. I believe him; I can see all the pixels and that's indisputable proof.

That ambition was paid back in full. Most of the LucasArts adventure games aimed for the 100,000 sales mark. Full Throttle cleared a million. Schafer muses as to why it did really well, eventually settling on "maybe because it had explosions on the front of the box or maybe because it was about bikers."

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