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Batman: A Telltale Games Series

Along with the recent addition of cloud-based saving, Telltale is implementing something new with its Batman series, set to arrive next month.

At San Diego Comic Con, the publisher revealed a multiplayer feature, which serves as a way to "integrate the audience" into the experience. In short, you can turn on an optional mode called "crowd play," which generates a URL that people can log into while watching locally (just like recent Jackbox games like Quiplash or Drawful). From there, there's two options.

One basically just shows what people suggest, which could influence your choice, and the other straight-up chooses what the majority thinks. So in this hypothetical situation, if more people think The Joker deserves to fall off a building, Keaton style, instead of being saved, then it will be so. The "decision" leaderboard at the end will also display Crowd Play stats too.

Telltale made it clear that right now it's suggested that players use it locally, because latency issues wouldn't allow for a great online experience.

Telltale taking its games multiplayer, starting with Batman [Shack News]

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