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Enter the Gungeon

I got burned out by the progression loop of Enter the Gungeon, but when I was into it, I was into it. I'm hoping to return someday soon. There's a free update planned for this fall (first on PC, then PlayStation 4 "soon after") that seems like a perfect excuse to do so. It adds, among other things, "the Bullet Gun, a gun shaped like a bullet that shoots guns and those guns shoot bullets." This game's lore is great.

The Supply Drop update also brings in 100+ new rooms, weapons, foes, companions, bosses, and shrines, some of which you can get a peek at in the screenshots below.

According to publisher Devolver Digital, Gungeon has sold 600,000 copies. Besides this update and whatever else Dodge Roll has in the pipeline, there will be an expansion for the game next year.

Announcing the Supply Drop Update, Coming This Fall [Steam]

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