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On the very first day, on my very first decision, I sent the children to work. "It's only the 'safe' jobs" I told myself - the cookhouses, to prepare food. The gathering piles, to pick up bits of coal, wood, and steel. "It's for the greater good" I told myself.

Less than a day later, I enacted a law watering down people's filling meals into a thin, watery gruel. The people wouldn't be well-fed, but they would have food. "It's for the greater good" I told them all.

How far are you willing to go to ensure the survival of your people? How far is too far? What will be left of you, and those around you, when it's all said and done? These are the questions Frostpunk demands of us. Demanded of me.

My people would survive this experience, but I'm not sure they lived.

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