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Attack on Titan

Now is the special time in a game's life when pre-order incentives come out to play.

Whereas Season 2 of the anime will miss its 2016 window (when will we ever find out what pointless maguffin was in Eren's basement!?), the new Omega Force-led Attack on Titan game is coming in August in the west (it dropped in February in Japan), and it brings DLC with it. You'll get three costumes (for Eren, Levi, and Mikasa) if you pre-order at Amazon, Best Buy, EB Canada, and GameStop, and avatars if you spring for a digital PSN preload. Suffice to say, these are kind of throwaway bonuses.

There's also a pair of surprisingly educational trailers for people who haven't experienced the series yet -- especially the first combat video, which explains the best way to take down a titular Titan. It's still slated for release on PS4 and Xbox One physically outside of Japan, and digitally on PS3, Vita, and PC

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