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Office Space: Idle Profits

I should have known. I should have seen the title Office Space: Idle Profits and figured it would be another goddamn clicker game. I should have been able to look past the Fallout Shelter-esque art direction and seen this is worth neither my time nor the data it would take to download and play it. I should have known better, but when Google Play asked me if I wanted to sign up for a release notification, it took nary a second for me to click yes.

Office Space: Idle Profits is based around the penny stealing scheme from the movie, you know, the one from Superman III. The object here is to upload the virus that would steal those pennies into the different floors of Initech, from Milton’s desk in the basement all the way up to the boardroom. The building is quite small, only 10 floors tall and you unlock all of them quickly. This being the clicker game that it is, you’re routinely encouraged to burn that mother down, starting fresh from the bottom but earning money more quickly.

The floors are occupied by either random characters or those from the movie, whom you can level up to earn more money. The screen where you can do the actual clicking recreates moments from the movie, like Tom’s blow up with the Bobs. Then there is… you know what? It’s a fucking clicker. If you don’t know what that means consider yourself lucky.

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