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This would have been a good weekly Destructoid Discusses topic three weeks ago. Three weeks ago, we were in the throes of the Overwatch second anniversary celebration. Three weeks ago, I was sitting squarely at level 10. Today, I'm level 55 and counting. Overwatch is one addictive-ass game. Still, this would have been a good topic three weeks ago.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Either way, I can't get this game out of my head. I also can't get over the fact less than a third of PS4 owners of it have reached level 50, but that's neither here nor there. Overwatch is standing tall as one of my favorite games of this generation and it's all because of the wildly diverse cast of characters. Somewhat through the game but mostly through the comics, Blizzard has brought these heroes to life with colorful illustrations and backstories that give them purpose, motivation, and personalities. Sure, the game could do a lot better explaining just why it is we're all fighting in the first place, but that doesn't really matter when I'm having such great fun studying the ins and outs of every hero and map. The characters are so dynamic and unique, I think any of them could break out into their own, stand-alone game.

Of course, none of them are more perfect for an adventure built around their skills than Sombra.

This Mexican hacker with the ability to make herself invisible is the most recent addition to my arsenal of heroes. She's fast, crafty, and can totally disable the strongest attacks of her opponents. I'm still wrapping my head around her total skillset, but if you've played as her, surely you'd agree a stealth shooter starring Sombra would be the perfect stand-alone spin-off. Take the slow, methodical pacing of Metal Gear Solid and speed that shit up with drone hacking and surprise attacks as you completely fuck over enemy surveillance equipment. Sombra could be like Aiden Pearce meets Solid Snake but with a less nice ass.

I know this will never happen. Blizzard doesn't really do single-player, stand-alone games *cough* Starcraft: Ghost *cough*, but if any employees there get bored of just working on the same game day after day, maybe they could sneak something like this into development in their free time.

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