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Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

I have been professionally film-critcing for more than 10 years. I see almost every movie that gets released in theaters at one point or another, but, for better or worse, I have never seen a Madea film. Part of this is by choice, but a lot of it just happens to be random luck with my schedule. I'm not crying as they're almost always panned, and I'm not really the target demographic, but I really don't know anyone who wants to go to them.

But they do relatively really well, especially for their shoe string budget. Tyler Perry is a movie mogul with six number one opening weekends, and the films make bank for what they are. 

So who here does go to them? Do you enjoy them or are you just committed to now seeing every Tyler Perry movie out of some sort of morbid tradition? Are the critics wrong and these movies are actually funny? They must hit a funny bone because they keep on getting number one openings. Then again, Boo 2's main competition was Geostorm, so maybe we're not saying much here.

Quick side note: Thanks to a probably Halloween uptick, It is on pace to gross more than Superhero tentpole Batman v. Superman

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