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Final Fantasy XV

It's obnoxious when you fire up a new game and get that TV zoom calibration screen, but it's an even bigger nightmare when it chops off your game and you can't do anything about it. Such is the case for some Final Fantasy XV players miffed at Squenix for not fully supporting their still-damn-good older televisions. The number of affected players is difficult to determine, but there are at least hundreds pissed-off unique snowflakes hitting the forums for over a week.

It's not just "a little text off to the right" being cut. Some people can't see their MP bar at all. It's bad. A patch is supposed to be finally hitting any day now, according to this forum update made on December 7th, but some people still continue to be affected by this issue. Funny enough, this particular poster might be confused with roman numerals and was posting about FFX Remaster, which makes Square's reply even more puzzling. What's going on here?

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