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Destiny: Rise of Iron

If game developers create it, it will be conquered: Destiny's new raid Wrath of the Machine has been finished by Clan Redeem two hours after it launched.

Wrath of the Machine launched today at 1PM Eastern today, and at 3PM it became old news, dirt crumbling under the feet of Clan Redeem. I've only played Destiny for only about two hours as well, but my time was spent faffing about making a character instead of setting records and becoming newsworthy. My main exposure to the game has been watching my brother spend tens of hours preparing for raids and screaming when he was killed instantly, so the fact a brand new raid was destroyed so quickly is insane to me.

Chris reviewed Rise of IronDestiny's newest expansion today, saying it's "a weird cookie" but that if he "assesses Destiny right now as a total package, with four expansions under its belt and hundreds of [good] tweaks and patches, it's easier to recommend."

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