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Yo-Kai Watch 3

How could you possibly make Jibanyan cosplaying Indiana Jones even more cute? Make it into a clay animation (or claymation) of course. These short but sweet TV spots kind of make me wish the whole game was a 3D clay-animated adventure. I'll accept a spin-off title as well.

The last major game to be done completely in this style was Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, where they purposely gimped the frame-rate to make it look like clay animation. Rainbow Curse along with ClayFighter and Skullmonkeys were all 2D games. I'd like to see full-scale, AAA 3D game done in claymation, but I do wonder if I wouldn't get tired of it while playing. Particularly that part about low frame-rate.

In any case they also uploaded a short video on the making of these commercials. It's really fascinating seeing the process behind such stuff. Granted these are short ads, but I would enjoy a more detailed look at the process.


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