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Star Wars Battlefront II

The first Star Wars Battlefront II patch of the new year went live today and with it comes a host of tuning changes and a couple additions. I was hoping for something more extravagant to kick off 2018, if I'm being frank. It's a standard patch in a game still being held back by a major unresolved problem.

What's new? Protagonist Iden Versio's ship has joined the game as a Hero Starfighter (you'll need 5,000 credits to unlock it) and the 10-on-10 Blast mode is now playable on the The Last Jedi's Crait.

Alongside the official patch notes, there's also a running list of undocumented changes assembled by reddit user Tactical_Turtle12. The main point of interest is probably that DICE has lowered the milestones for weapon and weapon mod unlocks. Otherwise, it's nothing too out of the ordinary.

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