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Rise of the Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics has announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider will launch on PS4 on October 11, and it's essentially akin to a Game of the Year edition. Not only will it include all the previous DLC (and five classic Lara outfits), but it will also add in a new co-op feature for endurance mode, as well as a special PlayStation VR chapter "Blood Ties" that will feature Croft Manor.

It's called the "20 Year Celebration Edition," and all content outside of the VR capability will be coming to PC and Xbox One (if you have the Season Pass, or buy it at a later date). So the PS4 gets the definitive version after all. For reference, the PlayStation VR arrives on October 13.

Rise hit the Xbox One all the way back in November of 2015, and January of this year on PC. This ultimate package is definitely worth it, as even the base game had enough to keep me busy for weeks. And that package uh...looks very familiar. Even creative director at Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann is having fun with it.

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