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Fortune Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

I completely forgot about the new Fortune Street game, announced back in September of last year. It's a 30th anniversary celebration of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest for both PS4 and Vita, and a ton of characters are coming along for the ride.

Just this week Minifillia (FFXIV), Balther (XII), Squall (VIII), and Lightning (XIII) were confirmed, as well as Erinn, Carver, Jessica Albert, and Angelo from the Dragon Quest side. There's no set release date yet but the team seems far enough along.

The Fortune Street story is a fascinating one. It was actually created by a Dragon Quest designer for the third Dragon Quest game, so the series has always been steeped in Square Enix history. In a Geometry Wars-like twist of fate it ended up becoming its own series, and has been showcased on multiple platforms -- perhaps most notably the Wii, which was the only iteration that was released outside of Japan.

New Fortune Street Game Adds Lightning, Minfilia, Jessica, Angelo, And More [Siliconera]

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