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Battlefield 1

EA has announced the season pass for Battlefield 1, and it looks like it's going to run you $50 for four expansions. The first of which is due in March 2017 (five months after the game is released, so maybe wait before buying it?), titled "They Shall Not Pass." Naturally, "Premium Pass" owners get DLC two weeks early, and it seems as if new armies will be added with each expansion, as well as maps (16 total), modes, weapons (20 total), and classes.

It's hard to really justify these when you have so many games beating out the concept of a mystery pass. Take Overwatch, which gives you all major content drops for free outside of cosmetics, or even the Call of Duty series, which at least adds a massive zombie map with co-op support and quests in every DLC.

Battlefield 1 Premium Pass [Origin]

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