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Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan got really big really fast after the anime debuted, and it didn't take long to reach its saturation point. I mean, the show gets decent near the end but there's so much wasted time before that, and even the manga (which is now expected to run through at least 2018, jettisoning the original plan to kill off everyone early on -- which I now call Homeland-ing) can only go so far with the premise before it starts retreading the same plot points.

The second season of the show promises more revelations, but given that it's coming in spring 2017, you'll have to deal with more retellings of the Battle of Trost until then. That includes the newest release from Omega Force, cleverly titled Attack on Titan, which manages to cut out a lot of that filler and get straight into slicing and dicing fools.

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