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Berserk Musou

Guts already had his day, but Berserk Musou's Griffith is ready to step up to the plate with his own character video.

Griffith predictably has a swifter style, with "thousand cut" type moves, as well as thrusts, and what seems to be a delayed strike mechanic -- it reminds me of Vergil from Devil May Cry 3 in all the best ways. Sure, he doesn't have a cool Berserker Armor mechanic like Guts, but if Koei Tecmo unveils a playable Femto, all is forgiven.

In fact, a playable God Hand crew in general would shoot my already piqued interest on this project through the roof. Slan would fit right in with her tentacle hair attacks, as would a floating Ubik. Now I've just set myself up for disappointment!

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