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Steins;Gate Elite

The original Steins;Gate is one of the single greatest science-fiction stories ever told, and its newest version has finally been confirmed for a western release this year.

If you have any love for visual novels, and somehow managed to never play this, you need to tighten up and get on that. Seriously, it’s fucking magical. It simultaneously serves as a love letter and parody of otaku culture, and it genuinely made me feel stuff dangerously close to actual emotion. I take immense pride in my ability to remain completely unfeeling at all times, so this is quite the extraordinary feat.

Steins;Gate Elite will be an updated version which uses scenes from the animated series, as well as some brand-new material, instead of the still images from the original. I have mixed feelings about the changes, but I’m excited about any excuse to take this beauty for another spin.

The game is currently scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Switch, and Steam. 

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