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My love/hate relationship with Overcooked and the blessed/poor souls I play it with continues.

Ghost Town Games is expanding its frenzied arcade-style co-op cooking title with the free Festive Seasoning DLC, a pack containing eight new winter-themed levels, a snowman and reindeer chef, the stew and turkey dinner recipes, and a flamethrower with which to light 'em up. That's all coming on Tuesday, December 6 across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. I'm genuinely surprised it's free.

Just this week I dug into the Lost Morsel DLC, and while I haven't mastered it yet, part of that is just me trying to savor it. I don't want it to end! Knowing there's more content on the way now, though, I'm running out of excuses. Here's hoping for more (and a sequel). If you've yet to play Overcooked and you're on the lookout for a good local cooperative game, look no further. Your search is over.

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