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Titanfall 2

Prepping a modern-day video game to be played for the first time often involves waiting. Lots and lots of waiting. Your console has to be up to date, and the game disc needs to install, and you can't forget about the day-one update, many of which are substantial. Double check that you have enough space. Then, after that whole rigamarole is over, you might also have to contend with the publisher's servers. Are they up right now, or is it just me? Okay, now I can fina--oh, it's 2:00am. I'm going to sleep.

I'd say I've grown numb to this process, but mostly I've just learned to deal with it and plan ahead. It's still very much an annoyance. One upcoming game, this Friday's Titanfall 2, will give us a reprieve.

"Clear some space on your [hard drive], the Titanfall 2 day one patch is... 88MB," said Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella. That's not a sick, twisted typo -- it's actually 88MB!

There will assuredly be much-larger updates to come, but I'll take this as a small victory.

Vince Zampella [Twitter via reddit]

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