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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the rare game with so many unique little idiosyncrasies that it feels possible to constantly find new ways to achieve the unthinkable. The obvious end to this is that players are using them to one-up how they challenge each other. It's partially why the speedrun record is already under 50 minutes.

A new feat is considerably more cathartic than speedrunning. Players are seeing how far they can glide off the top of Ridgeland Tower. The trend rose to prominence on reddit recently with a 6,578 meter flight. That was bested shortly thereafter with a 7,615.8 meter attempt (embedded at the top of the page).

The nearly 5 mile paraglide was accomplished through crafty reliance on the wind and liberal use of bomb arrows to create updrafts. Also, there's constant use of potions to replenish Link's stamina. The 22-minute flight comes to an end with a final descent across the water.

This is the best effort thus far, but don't expect it to hold up. This is the type of challenge that feels like it could be bested over and over again. Something tells me that the future holds further flights and longer videos.

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