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YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG

Weirdness is a taut rope to walk -- too little and it distracts, too much and it's overpowering. It has to be just the right amount, mixed with enough sincerity to keep the whole affair from feeling twee or, even worse, smug.

From what I played, YIIK's sincerity doesn't lie in any sort of emotional resonance (see also: Deadly Premonition's surprisingly affecting climax). I didn't expect it to; I played a 30 minute-ish sliver of a 25+ hour game, that's not exactly where most storytellers throw their hardest emotional punches. Rather, it commits to a sense of atmosphere that makes the player feel like they've been thrown head-first into a "monster of the week" story from an X-Files-esque show where hipsters solve mysteries. That's all right by me.

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