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My Time At Portia

Our pleasant-game radar picked up My Time at Portia last year while it was running an alpha. Today, the small-town-life RPG about restoring your Pa's workshop has made it onto Steam Early Access.

It's got the elements you've likely come to expect: growing crops, cooking, fishing, exploring dungeons, mining, building a house, interacting with the locals, that sorta stuff. I imagine some of you are still digging into Stardew Valley (especially now that it's on Switch), but this is worth keeping an eye on.

Future plans for Portia include fleshing out the world with more locations, storylines, items, buildings, mini-games, seasonal events, and the all-important ability to "keep, raise, and ride animals."

Pathea Games is expecting a nine-month run on Early Access "to incorporate feedback from the player base and evolve our vision." The game is $20 right now and it will get a price bump once it's finished. You'll be able to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch down the road.

My Time at Portia [Steam Early Access]

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