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As promised, Koei Tecmo is launching its PVP update for Nioh for free on May 2. Originally slated for "late April" it's been pushed back just a tiny bit, but it's close enough!

Launching alongside of that will be a bit of paid DLC called Dragon of the North. It'll hit on the same date for $9.99, and will include new enemies, guardians, levels, and weapons. You can also grab the Season Pass for $24.99, which has three DLCs packed in -- with Defiant Honor and Bloodshed's End capping off Dragon of the North.

I can't believe how much time I've spent with this game. Originally, based on the beta, I suspected that the level-based system would grate over time, but I ended up loving it in the end. The easy swap between the OG difficulty and NG+ with separate world maps was genius, and a far better way to handle it than the "all or nothing" approach of recent action RPGs. Even old school ones would force you to choose a difficulty at the start and stick to it.

Nioh [Game City]

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