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Final Fantasy XV

Well, this is it fellas -- Final Fantasy XV is done with development. Now, onto DLC, as they say! Who's "they?" AAA publishers, of course.

Square Enix, today at Paris Games Week, has announced that the decade-long shindig is finally done, but of course, didn't hesitate to try to sell you on its $24.99 Season Pass. DLC for a main Final Fantasy game? It hasn't been natural since FFXIII-2. Anyway, there's going to be three episodes with new areas, new enemies, and additional weapons (that you can bring back to the main story) -- as previously stated, it'll deal with Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto respectively -- which you can buy separately from the pass.

But they also announced that after these three 'sodes, "Comrades," will arrive, which is a four player online-cop mode for all four party members as a group. Just...give me the main game already.

Check out the new trailer below as you mull over all this DLC.

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