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Starr Mazer DSP

GDC, like most gaming conventions, is a chaotic endeavor where there's virtually no chance that we'll cover every game that we want to. Steven, Brett, and I all walked an average of ten miles a day as we dashed across San Francisco from appointment to appointment. My dumb ass even decided to wear nice, uncomfortable boots so that I could be Maximum Impressive. So, when I was about to take public transit back to Steven's place to rest for a bit and he texted me, telling me to go to a Starr Mazer appointment, I briefly considered blowing it off and throwing one of my stupid boots through Steven's kitchen window.

I'm glad I didn't vandalize Steven's house for a couple of reasons: 1) jail, and 2) because the Starr Mazer DSP appointment ended up being my favorite GDC moment.

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